About the Publisher

bigstock-Pile-of-Books-on-a-Table-41566999If, And or But Publishing was founded in 2012 by a group of independent authors, professional artists and illustrators.

The concept was to create a company that helped independent authors navigate the challenges of becoming published by using existing services that are available from companies such as Createspace, Amazon KDP and Smashwords.  These companies make it cost effective for independent authors to become self-published through print-on-demand and eBook publishing services, but not every author have the skills or resources to prepare and format their manuscript per the required guidelines in order to avail themselves of these resources.

If, And or But Publishing is a company that fills the intermediary gap between self publishing companies with personalized service and affordable rates to give the independent author the boost they need to achieve their dreams.

Our company will not only prepare your files for publication, we will help you launch your book in the most professional presentation possible without the traditional major expenses that accompanies most publishing companies.  We can assist you with both royalty-free and custom designed illustrations.  We can assist you with editing, proof-reading, book layout and cover design services.  Once published, you retain all the royalties and rights to your book, giving you total control and freedom to promote your works wherever you choose.

Additionally we offer basic marketing services to help you launch your own self promotion with an author website and social media accompanied by personal coaching and consultation throughout the process.  If you are looking for help in navigating the complexities of becoming self-published at an affordable rate, please feel free to contact us.

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