Bernie Sanders Book review

Bernie Sanders: Outsider in the White House

Bernie Sanders has risen on the national political scene since his bid to run for the Presidency began in 2015.  He has also authored his own book on his philosophy for the country should he be elected as the Commander in Chief.  His book is entitled Outsider in the White House, which Sanders tells the story of his own passionate and principled political life.

“He describes how, after cutting his teeth in the Civil Rights movement, he helped build a grassroots political movement in Vermont, making it possible for him to become the first independent elected to the US House of Representatives in forty years. The story continues into the US Senate and through the dramatic launch of his presidential campaign.” – Verso Publishing

Ralph Nader has described this book as “A road map for how progressives can win elections and not be a part of the two party duopoly.”

One reviewer on Amazon described the book as “The interest in Bernie Sander’s run for the presidency just might motivate the 50% of voters who don’t voteBernie Sanders and feel alienated. Senator Sanders sees the American democracy becoming an oligarchy controlled by the 1% who control the media, caused the meltdown in 2008, pay little or no taxes, export jobs overseas, and are quick to cut every social program in the process. Change can take place if American voters demand it by getting 80-90% participation in elections.”

Bernie Sanders Campaign for the Presidency

Critics of Sanders have branded him as a socialist, with a communist bent.  However despite the criticism he has received, it pales in comparison to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who is potentially facing an FBI indictment in the coming months for violations of national security while Secretary of State.  Clinton also has had a series of negative books chronicling her past in the past year that have certainly raised some eyebrows.  See our review on some of those books here.

It is interesting that Bernie Sanders was elected to the U.S. Senate in Vermont as an Independent candidate, and when entering the U.S. Presidential election he has been running for the Democratic nominee opposite Hillary Clinton.  Sanders has been an interesting candidate to watch as he has filled stadiums with supporting followers, whereas his opponent can only seem to partially fill a gymnasium.  One would look at the rallies side by side of the two candidates and see the contrast of attendance, yet scratch their heads at the election results which have made Clinton the front runner and presumptive nominee heading into the Democratic National Convention.

Questions about Bernie Sanders and the election…

Is Sanders being slanted? Or is his campaign flame burning out?  Having been an Independent candidate for so long, perhaps he will stay on the ballot in November as an Independent candidate for President?  How is it he can draw larger crowds than his opponent at speaking engagements, yet get fewer votes? It will be interesting to watch as the year unfolds.  If you want to read more about Bernie Sanders and his views, start by reading his book.

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