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Get your book published as a paperback

When an author has written a book, working with traditional publishers to get this bookjpg_atlas into print is quite often disheartening and challenging.  Traditionally one must submit a manuscript to a publishing company, and wait to hear back as to whether they have an interest in publishing the book.  This is a competitive business, and it can be challenging for a new author to get published in this way.

Following rejection from a traditional publisher, an authors next option is to seek means to self-publish their own book.  Until recently in the last decade, the options for this are typically very expensive and required that the author pay up front for large quantities of books to be printed in a single run.

Recently print-on-demand companies have come into existence making self publishing paperback books a less expensive option for new authors. However, for many authors navigating through the requirements for submitting files for print-on-demand service companies requires more technical skill, or requires more time and patience than they have.

At If, And or But Publishing we do the hard work for you.  We take your book in Word format, and format it for the print on demand service offered by Createspace for paperback.  We prepare the file with the title page, copyright page, ISBN number, dedication page, table of contents, chapters with headers, author page, bonus pages, graphics, illustrations and page numbering in an industry standard trade paperback size.  We can also help you with cover design so that your book is how your envision it.  To find out more about our cover design services, click here.

We also establish the account for you or work with your existing Createspace account so that you control the royalties.  We will set up the distribution channels for you as well, ensuring that your book is distributed to major book sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & If, And or But Publsihing makes it easy!Noble and other major booksellers.  We can also make your book available as an eBook and distribute it to all major eBook distributors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple iBooks, Deisel Books, Smashwords and many more.  Your book and eBook will be available on the global online marketplace within days and weeks, rather than months and years.

We do the difficult work for you in preparation and design, and distribution. We can also help you with establishing your own online presence through social media and an author website.  For more about our marketing services, click here.

We do the hard work for you, making it possible for you to break out the champagne when the project is completed and celebrate!

To find out more about our packages and prices, click here.

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