Children’s eBook Feature: ‘The Magical Flying Bed’ by Steven Romanik

Children’s stories in eBook format are the ones we enjoy the most in featuring on our website.  This Month we have a special short story for children entitled: ‘The Magical Flying Bed’ by Canadian author Steven Romanik.  The story is one that makes for great bedtime reading for children.  It is short enough for a bedtime story, yet magical with imagination to warm the heart with every turn of the page.

The Magical Flying BedThe story circles around two young girls who discover that they have a Magical Flying Bed.  They set off flying into the night time sky while their parents think they are asleep. They travel in amongst the stars and planets finding various children’s Fantasy Lands, enjoying adventures with fun characters along the way.

This fun book will be a good read for children from 6-10 years old who look forward to a good bedtime story.  It would also serve as a good fireside reading story on a cold winter night for children of all ages.  This very unique book features real children from a very real city enjoying a good wholesome fantasy adventure.

The author has a website if you would like you to visit: and click on videos and other features. You will also be entertained with the children featured in the story and their talented puppet friends; Dexter, Marvin, Milliemoo, Penny and Dweller. You may recognize some of the songs from the E Book, “Poems about Us.” Also don’t forget to check out the “Free Children’s E Book” page.

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