Ella’s Paradise

Ella’s Paradise

Ella’s Paradise is an exciting book by author A. Sumerbell.  She will keep you engaged from page one, and carry you to dark places of mystery with this new novel.

When Leigh Carrington’s uncle Jack, a well-known author at the peak of good health, mysteriously collapses, she inherits his stately Victorian hilltop home in sleepy Halstead, Virginia. She packs up and moves in, but it isn’t long before Leigh suspects that something’s not quite right in the house they call “Ella’s Paradise.” Why have so many of its inhabitants died unexpectedly? Who is leaving bouquets of fresh flowers in the ballroom?

Ella’s Paradise… The intrigue continues…

Could it really be the ghost of little Ella Mabry she hears giggling in the middle of the night? When a dark stranger with a story to tell helps Leigh make some sense of the bizarre goings-on, she is faced with a decision: Can she trust him? Or will she succumb to the danger lurking within her own walls?

Ella’s ParadiseElla's Paradise is story that will stick with you long after you have read it.  So if you are looking for an edge of your seat thriller this summer, with a little bit of mystery, be sure to check out this independent author’s latest! Order Ella’s Paradise by clicking on the link.

Author Amanda Summerbell is a native Northern Virginian, wife, and mother of four girls. She has been writing since she was nine, when she was given a Smith Corona typewriter for her birthday. At the age of 10, she got her first rejection from Bantam Doubleday. Since then, Amanda has self-published two novels on Amazon as well as several short stories.

Among her published work is a short story titled “Marge” on The Cynic Online Magazine, and “The Vile One” published on Piker Press.  Ella’s Paradise is but another installment in a promising writing career.

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