‘GROWcery’ by Eva Luna: Featured eBook for June 2013

A very special eBook is our feature for the month of June. ‘GROWcery: Grow Your Own Roots, Shoots, Fruits and Grains by Eva Luna.

GrowceryThere are a million ways to increase your harvest, spend less time working, and grow in small spaces. One way is to use kitchen scraps to grow plants!  So much of our food is discarded, when it could be replanted to grow free fresh produce.  No need to buy seeds, till a large garden, or even pull weeds!

‘GROWcery’ offers instructions for growing edible exotic fruits, roots, shoots, fruits and ancient grains in containers and in small gardens. It delves into the history, traditional use and medicinal uses of more than thirty edibles. This book appeals to outdoor classrooms, as it is so interesting observing growth. It’s for frugal gardeners, who realize the need to use “every part of the hog.”

This eBook is also for parents who want fun projects that nurture both mind and body. It is helpful to creative gardeners who wish to grow exotic gardens. This creative eBook is perfect for perma-culturists who are constantly working to create a closed loop system. It’s for anyone who wants to eat food straight from the earth.  Learn how to grow onions, garlic, horse radish, scallion, oca, turmeric, sweet potatoes, avocados, mangos and even Dragon Fruit!  There are many, many more fruits, vegetable and grains shown how to grow in this eBook.

Spring and summer has everyone buzzing about outdoors. Children are always looking for things to do!  Try this eBook filled with creative ideas for gardening and watching things grow!  It offers an amazing opportunity for educational and fun learning. This book is helpful for some great ideas on starting some ‘growcery’ projects.  To get your copy of this fun eBook, simply click on the link above.

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