Graphic Design Services

bigstock-Graphic-artist-using-graphics--45833596When we are helping an author in the publishing process, sometimes a book or eBook is best enhanced or the story told by means of graphics and illustrations.  We offer two basic categories of graphics and illustration services.

We can offer a variety of stock royalty-free images for a book in the design process to Stock Illustrationbreak up the text and increase visual appeal.  Royalty free stock images come in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be used to illustrate a point or draw attention to a point in the text or story that the author feels is important to highlight.  At If, And or But Publishing we have access to over 100,000 royalty-free stock images and graphics to use in book layout and design.

We can also use stock photography as features or highlights in a book or eBook.  Photos can help tell a story in a unique and personal way, and stock photography can further add to the professional quality of your book.  Use of these stock of images and graphics are an easy way to increase the professional presentation of your book on both the interior and exterior.

Rachida Finds MagicThe other service we offer is that of custom graphic design and illustration.  We can also fully illustrate a book in color or in black and white.

An example of one of our children’s book is Rachida Finds Magic displayed here. This is a 50 page children’s book with over 30+ original illustrations created by one of our professional artists to tell the story.

This type of service requires a lot of artist and author interaction to bring about the desired result.  Stock graphics, photos or custom illustrations can be used for cover designs as well. For more information on our graphic design services and prices, click here.

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