‘I am Good at Lots of Things’ Free eBook Promotion

One of our exciting features for children’s book this month is one by author Jessica Arnold.I am good at lots of things Jessica Arnold started illustrating and writing her own books by hand at the age of seven. Her first book, “I am Good at Lots of Things” was began when she was 7 and completed when she was twelve using the original story and illustrations. It has since become a must read, feel good book for kids.

I am Good at Lots of Things” is a story about Alex, a girl who feels like she never has any luck. She learns that even if she doesn’t win, trying and not giving up is really what makes someone a winner. Great for self-esteem, this novel is written by a child who has had challenges and wanted to share her experiences!

This special eBook in the children’s genre will be available for free download on Amazon 3/19/13 to 3/21/13.  Get Your copy today!

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