If You Hold a Seed

If You Hold a Seed by Elly MacKay

Elly MacKay has written a classic with If You Hold a Seed which shows children something magical happens when you plant a dream with a seed. With plenty of love and patience, they can blossom into an extraordinary gift.  To be shared with those you love and those with big dreams, this book encourages us to never give up.

This story is about a boy who discovers the magic of a seed when he plants it in the ground. But first it takes some sun and rain and plenty of waiting . . . and then some more waiting. Little by little, the boy notices buds and tender leaves on a sprouting tree, and a host of insects that make their home in the new growth. As the quiet story cycles through the seasons and the passing years—and the continual waiting—both the boy and tree grow bigger, until the tree is strong enough to hold the boy, and the boy holds one of the tree’s seeds, ready to start the magic again.

Praise for If You Hold a Seed

Praise for the book by readers has been extraordinary.  One review on Amazon has written “What sets this book apart is Elly MacKay’s artwork. Her If You Hold a Seedexquisitely crafted illustrations, which she expertly lights and photographs in her mini “theater” transport the reader (and the young audience member) to another world; a world of dream and fantasy.”  Another reader described the book as “This beautiful book showcases Elly’s touch for creating scenes of idyllic childhood memories and dreams while teaching about the fascinating life of a seed. Cleverly and artfully done.”

If you Hold a Seed… A Serendipitous Story

Publishers Weekly characterized the book as “Glowing paper dioramas are the heart and soul of MacKay’s debut. . . .”  City Book Review called it “A magical, serendipitous story. . . . “ The Charlotte Parent described it as “Simple words and beautiful illustrations teach the timeless lesson to never give up, and that with love and patience, a dream can turn into a wonderful gift.”

The story is a wonderful tale of imagination and looking forward to the future.

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