‘I’m Only Human After All’ featured eBook by Alex Rogers

Our special eBook feature for today is: ‘I’m Only Human After All’ by Alex Rogers.

I'm Only Human After All‘I’m Only Human After All’ is the first in a series of books focusing on certain time frames of the author’s personal life.  In this series of memoirs the author goes into details about the trails that he faced during his journey into adulthood.

‘I’m Only Human After All’ takes place throughout his first couple of years of High School and documents his personal experiences with bullying as well as personal things that were happening between me and my family. The book’s main focus is to bring light onto the reality of bullying as well as to tell his personal story so that he can provide insight to others who are currently going through the same ordeal that he faced in his childhood.

“My main goal aside from helping others from this book and future entries is to get the series into the school system and hopefully make it easier to openly discuss the issues that my book confronts. While it is primarily a book on bullying, it hits on other issues that young adults face going through both their High School years and in life” says Rogers. “I feel that by getting this exposure, it will push me in the right direction of achieving that goal.”

This insightful memoir is available at Amazon for purchase.  Click on the image of the eBook cover in this article to be taken there to get your copy today!

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