March eBook Review: Felicity’s Beau by Madison Kent

Felicity’s Beau by Madison Kent is our featured eBook review for March 2014!  Felicity is a PG rated romance that can be read by everyone from a twelve year old to a ninety year  Felicity's Beaus - Order your copy today!  Click here!old. I have had many people say that it was difficult to find a light romance story without erotica. In the year 1600, Felicity is seeking independence in a highly restricted society.

She decided to adapt her alternate person, Ian Rutledge to help her find out what men really think and do in the forbidden night life of London.

Felicity cannot accept that in these modern times in 1600 London, she cannot have more freedom in a male driven society. After Jack has betrayed her, she decides to put away the tears of a girl and become a woman. She will find a way to put the power of her destiny into her hands. Not being bound by the gentry of the British as she is Swiss, she has decided to play a man’s game, in every way. Will Shakespeare’s play has just opened and there the events begin that will change everything.

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