New Book Release – Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side

Living the Magic…

Our newest book release in 2014 is ‘Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side’ by Michael Delaware.  This is a book about wisdom and spiritual awareness. It is about Living the Magicdiscovering a compassion for others and experiencing the joy of living.

It is a compilation of observations, experiences and lessons shared by the author:

“So compassion and understanding come from the heart. They are within us, and there is perhaps a universal circle where when good is done to us that we must in turn do the same for others. When that circle is broken by the purveyors of bad news and divisionism of the populace through false ideas and archaic concepts such as racism, religious bigotry and sexism, it is easy to lose sight of the necessity for compassion and kindness. 

The heart of the matter would be thus: When you are compassionate and caring for another, and bestow upon them kindness, the goodwill from such a gesture flows like a comforting river through our society and the result can be a peaceful global community working together.”  ~ Michael Delaware

Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side

Rediscover within this book the power of laughter, indelible love and goodwill that were the lessons we knew when were children, and somehow lost our compassionate touch along the way. Reach out for the magic of the human touch, the spiritual lift and the universal roar of humanity and take a walk on the lighter side…

Order your copy of Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side today!

To order your copy of this book in eBook (available now) or Paperback format (due out March 5th), go to Amazon and place your order here or find it on Michael’s author page.

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