New Book Released: Land Contract Homes

Land Contract Homes: The Top 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make… And How to Avoid Them!

The newest book released by our publishing company is entitled: ‘Land Contract Homes: The Top 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make… And How to Avoid Them! This new book covers the subject of seller financing of residential real estate, and addresses the top ten mistakes home buyers make when choosing this method of acquiring

Land Contract Homes a home. The reader will learn what a land contract is, how it is structured and what are the essential legal problems to be aware of and avoid.

Land Contract Homes

This new book was prepared and compiled to help educate the reader on the subject of seller financing. It continues to expand on the subject of the authors previous books on the subject: ‘Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream’ and ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors’.

A new book on Land Contract Homes

This book will help the reader identify quickly the key areas that can create trouble for the home buyer with the land contract, and construct an agreement mutually beneficial to both parties to avoid these problems. Understanding these common areas of difficulty makes it simple and easy to avoid. Neglecting any of them can make for a painful and expensive lesson after the fact.

Land Contracts are a popular form of seller financing. They offer a home buyer a means to purchase a home on an immediate basis, while they prepare for refinancing the home at a later date. This book will serve to educate the reader on how they work, as well as give them the knowledge they need to create the best possible future for themselves as a home owner.

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