New Book Released: Sales Simplified – Understanding the Basics

Sales Simplified: Understanding the BasicsOur newest publication which was released as a paperback and in Kindle format on April 1st is ‘Sales Simplified: Understanding the Basics‘ by William J Simpson IV.  In this book the author draws from his experience as both a sales person and a sales trainer from a cross section of various industries. He breaks down his successful methods in sales into a series of basic lessons any reader can easily follow.

Sales Simplified for everyone

Sales Simplified: Understanding the Basics is amply named, as it imparts an ideal for any sales person to strive for, and achieve success.  Written from a perspective which any new person to sales can easily read, Simpson takes a spoon feeding approach building one skill upon the next.  As the book progresses, the sales person’s tool box becomes full and the material is immediately applicable to practical sales practices.

Where to get a copy of Sales Simplified

We are proud to help bring Sales Simplified: Understanding the Basics to publication and believe with this new and exciting self-help book the author is on the way to an exciting career as a writer.  Already receiving rave reviews and grass roots popularity, the release of this ground breaking book on sales simplified is already selling rapidly on Amazon.  To place your order and begin reading your copy today, click here.

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