New Children’s Book: Blue and The Magical Forest

Blue and The Magical Forest: An Adventure…

We are proud to announce our latest publication: Blue and the Magical Forest: The Power of Hopes & Dreams by author Michael Delaware.  This book is fully illustrated by the author, with full color original paintings and drawings capturing the imagination of the reader.

Blue and The Magical Forest is the story about a little white puppy dog with one brown ear, and one speckled ear that looked like peanut butter spread over a banana. He had a chocolate brown patch on his rump, just before his tail, and a few other scattered caramel freckles. Other than that, he was entirely covered in white everywhere else. He is given the name ‘Blue’ by the humans at an animal shelter, because he is sad more often than happy. Along with his sister, he is put up for adoption. All of this, he really does not understand, and the experience makes him afraid and nervous.

Blue and The Magical Forest

Blue and the Magical ForestOne evening, after one very particular sad day, he goes to sleep.

He wakes from his slumber after a short while to find he is no longer in his kennel, but is, instead, in a magical forest. He does not know how he got there, or why he is there. Like a new fire kindling within, he finds he has a desire to go look for something. He does not know what it is, much less how to describe it. Afraid, though he might be of his surroundings, he is driven by the need to go looking for whatever this feeling is. Overcoming fear and uncertainty, he finds the courage to explore.

Along the way he meets others that live there and discovers more about this special wood and its magic. Seeking to fill both an emptiness and a longing in his heart, and acting on advice from others he meets, he embarks on a journey. Following a path through the forest, he unexpectedly learns more about himself than he ever imagined possible. Join him as he finds his way, and discovers the power of hopes and dreams.

Blue and The Magical Forest is a fun adventure which has surprises at every turn for the little dog who has lost his way in the world.  What will he find?  Who will he meet on his journey?

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