New eBook on Sales Training Drills Released

Sales Training Drills: Tools for Sales Managers to use

The newest eBook in the Art of Sales Management series covers the use of sales training drills in the training of a sales team.  Sales training drills are an integral part of building a cohesive sales team, as well as developing skills at their profession.  This eBook entitled: ‘The Art of Sales Management: 75 Training Drills to Build Confidence, Excellence and Teamwork‘ was written for the sales manager.  The drills presented in the book cover many areas of skills to build teamwork, and competence.  The book includes drills that can be used one-on-on, ones with smaller groups and even ones specifically for large sales conferences which go into larger practical exercises.

‘Sales Training Drills’ for the Sales Manager

Sales Training DrillsThe Art of Sales Management: 75 Training Drills to Build Confidence, Excellence and Teamwork is the third book in the Art of Sales Management series.  The material dovetails with the information covered in the earlier two books in this series: ‘The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly‘ and ‘The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker’.  This newest addition to the series fills the need as a reference and resource guide for sales manager seeking sales training drills for their team.

A Concise book on Sales Training Drills

The book was written to help sales managers and sales trainers to build confident sales people who function together with team work. Quite often when one mentions the subject of ‘sales training drills one conjures up the concept of 19th century school houses pedantically reciting material written on a blackboard, or perhaps even a marching band drilling in unison.  Sales training drills do not need to be so regimented.  There of course can be such drills, but they also include drills to develop ones thinking processes when presenting a product, and expand ones creativity.  This book takes on this subject offering unique insight from many different approaches to help any sales manager develop a variety of skill with the members of their team.  It is a practical book, with practical applications that any sales manager can use immediately.

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