New Release ~ Buddies to the End: A Life Memoir

New Memoir Released

We have just released a new book for author Dana LeFluer entitled ‘Buddies to the End: A Life Memoir‘ which is based on a true story.  This story begins in the 1970’s in Buddies to the End: A Life MemoirNew Jersey where two teenage girls, Dana and Molly, who meet in a park, and become friends.  Their friendship lasts all the way through high school and after into adulthood.

A memoir of enduring friendship…

This memoir spans several decades, and it timeless in the manner in which it is told in retrospect.  The two girls grow together over the years, as they overcome struggle and conflict on their own journey of self-discovery.  It is a story of friendship, endurance, survival and love that many Americans will identify with that grew up in that era.

When they get older, Molly discovers she has terminal cancer, embarking both Dana and Molly on a spiritual journey through her final days.  A contemporary memoir of the times which will touch your heart with the enduring message of friendship despite all of life’s obstacles.  You will find inspiration in this story of compassion, struggle, tears and joy. Written as a tribute to a lost friend, author Dana LeFluer pens a beautiful portrait of endearing friendship and love.

Order your copy today! Buddies to the End: A Life Memoir

To order your copy of Buddies to the End: A Life Memoir in paperback, click here.  To download a version on Kindle, click here.

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