New Release in December: The Goddess Celebrates

The Goddess CelebratesThe Goddess Celebrates is a new project we worked on this December for author Diane Stein.  The book is an anthology of writings on ritual by women who are reclaiming Goddess centered spirituality – Z Budapest, Starhawk, Carol Christ, Uzuri Amini, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Penina Adelman, Jeannine Parvati Baker, Claudia L’Amoreaux, Marion Weinstein, Norma Joyce, Jay Goldspinner, Antiga & Caridwyn Aleva.

Diane Stein is author of All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing, Casting the Circle: A Women’s Book of Ritual, Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art and several other books. She also recently released a children’s story entitled Rachida Finds Magic: A Girl’s World Tale. She is a strong voice in the women’s spirituality and health movement.

This book was previously released and went out of print.  It was our pleasure to work with Diane Stein and revise the cover and re-release the book for 2013. To order your copy today, click here.

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