New Release: My Name is Blue, The Story of a Rescue Dog

Our newest eBook publication release in September is: My Name is Blue, the Story of a Rescue Dog.

This is the story of a dog that was rescued from an animal shelter. His name is Blue. The story is told from his viewpoint and is fun, silly and adventurous. A little dog named Blue wakes up in a shelter one morning and decides to send a message to someone who might listen. To his surprise someone did receive his message, and it results in his being rescued. His life changes from that day forward, and he learns that ‘every day is different’.
His story is not uncommon or particularly unusual. However, for every one adoption story like Blue’s there are a hundred other dogs that never find a forever home every year. This book profiles the plight of rescue dogs and reveals the love that these wonderful canine friends are waiting to offer someone who will reach out and save them.
The message within is one of friendship, love and kindness. By reading Blue’s story, you are taking a step towards helping other dogs get rescued whether you know it or not. Please scroll back to the top and download this book today, and share it with your friends and family.

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