Authors Who Use Our Services (Alphabetical)

Here is a list of authors who have used If, And or But Publishing for book and eBook publishing, as well as marketing services.

Michael Delaware, Author

Michael Delaware, AuthorMICHAEL DELAWARE is the author of several non-fiction books on Real Estate, Business & Sales Management, and Marketing books.  He has written The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly, The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a GoalThe Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly Maker, The Art of Sales Management: 75 Training Drills to Build Confidence, Excellence and Teamwork, Small Business Marketing: An Insiders Collection of Secrets, Arts & Crafts Shows: The Top 10 Mistakes Artist Vendors Make… And How to Avoid Them!, Arts & Crafts Shows: 12 Secrets Every Artist Vendor Should Know, and several other titles published by If, And or But Publishing.  He is also the author of the children’s books My Name is Blue: The Story of a Rescue Dog and Scary Elephant Meets the Closet Monster.  He currently resides in Michigan.  His website is:

Marcus Mitchell, Author

Marcus MitchellMARCUS MITCHELL, a resident of Providence Rhode Island’s East Side, is an active board member on various organizations including serving as the Founding President of the Providence Community Library, as a Board member on the Miriam Hospital Board of Governors and other community and nationally based organizations continuing his love for community service.  He is the author of the book: Leadership Secrets of the 10% Club: Right in the Heart

He enjoys leveraging his economic development, businessLeadership Secrets of the 10% Club: Right in the Heart creations, leadership and coalition building skills in national and international arenas, specifically within government, corporate, philanthropic and political strategy efforts to enhance communities around the country.

He is the Founder of Shere Strategy Enterprises, a strategic solutions company, with focus areas in crisis management, small business start-ups and conflict resolution. In his free time with his family, he enjoys sailing, flying, camping and good conversation.  His website is:

Diane Stein, Author

Diane Stein, AuthorDIANE STEIN is perhaps best known as the author of Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art.  She is also the author of All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing, Casting the Rachida Finds MagicCircle: A Women’s Book of Ritual,  Essential Energy Balancing and more than 30 other books in the fields of metaphysics, women’s spirituality, and alternative healing.  She is a strong voice in the women’s spirituality and health movement.  She recently released a children’s story entitled Rachida Finds Magic: A Girl’s World Tale and a paperback edition of The Goddess Celebrates: An Anthology of Women’s Rituals through If, And or But Publishing.  Diane Stein’s website is:


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