Roamer: A Lost to Found Rescue Dog Story

A Rescue Dog Story that will touch your heart…

We recently launched a new eBook entitled ‘Roamer: A Lost to Found Rescue Dog Story‘  by author Michael Delaware.  The story of Roamer is about a rescue dog. The description of ‘Rescue dogs’ is a common vernacular for any dog that is lost or stray and which is ultimately saved through adoption, usually by means of an animal shelter or rescue organization. For a person to save a rescue dog means to give a life to not only the dog, but also to share in the joy, love and devotion that our canine friends bring to the world.

Roamer: A Lost to Found Rescue Dog StoryRoamer is more than just a Rescue Dog story, is a portrayal of the plight of animals who suffer following natural disasters or when they are abandoned and left to roam without a loving home to take care of them.

Dogs bring love to their owners in ways that sometimes non-pet owners do not fully sense or possess until they adopt one of their own. So the story of Roamer could also be described as an introduction to animal rescue for those who have never examined it in their lives, and what it ultimately means for the dog.

What is Roamer’s ‘Rescue Dog Story?

The story: Roamer is a dog who is troubled by a past he cannot fully remember, and haunted by the long lost memories of the ones he loved following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

Can he survive and find his way as a stray in the aftermath of losing all that is familiar to him?

Will he find again the ones he loved?

In his life as a stray he experiences abuse, suffering and also friendship against the backdrop of an ocean current filled with hope and dreams.

Readers are saying the following about this original rescue dog story about the life of Roamer:

“This is a wonderful story, told from a dog’s viewpoint.  As a retired school teacher, I highly recommend this book for classroom and school library placement. As an animal lover with a dog of my own, Mr. Delaware takes us into the eye of the storm and the aftermath – perhaps better than a dry accounting in a history book would do.  Roamer is an excellent read and it is a story that will stay with you long after you finish it.” -Beverly C.

“Dog lovers! This book was written for you!  I have rescued two dogs and know the love of those sweet personalities and friendships made with them. This book, that takes you through the eyes of a dog that was separated via a natural disaster, brings light to those animals and their experiences. ‘Roamer’ is a sweet story that any audience can enjoy, and Michael Delaware nailed it!” – Mina S. D.

An original rescue dog story written by Michael Delaware that touches on the plight of stray animals following natural disasters. It is a message of hope and compassion. Profits from the sales of this book will go to support animal rescue organizations.  The book is currently available as an eBook, and will be released in the print edition by the end of February 2015.

Roamer: A Lost to Found Rescue Dog Story is available for download here.

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