‘Seven Colors of the Rainbow’ Monthly Children’s eBook Review

One of our special featured eBook for the month of May is: ‘Seven Colors of the
Rainbow‘ by Ron and Olg Darling.

Seven Colors of the RainbowThis book is a beautiful picture-story about colors. Children will watch eagerly as colored pencils jump out of a box and draw a striking scene of bright flowers, green grass, a blue sky, a warm sun. This matching of colors with objects will be of interest to parents and teachers alike.

Children will then be thrilled when a brilliant rainbow–featuring the same seven bright colors–arches over a glowing sky. Open this book and gaze at pictures that teach, as well as delight!

This children’s picture book has some of the best illustrations to come
out in a book in a long time. This simple to read, yet educational book,
is perfect for any child learning about the colors of a rainbow.

Click on the image of the book here to download your copy today!

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