Special eBook Feature: ‘Tiberius Found’ by Andrew Goodman

The featured eBook novel for today is ‘Tiberius Found’ by Andrew Goodman.

Tiberius FoundDaniel Henstock thinks he’s an ordinary schoolboy. But on his sixteenth birthday, his world is shaken to its core by a shocking revelation.  Daniel is the world’s first genetically-engineered human and Gregory Dryden, the man who created him, wants him back to continue his deadly experiments.

Running for his life, Daniel is forced to go ‘off grid’ in New York. In this near-future America, where the security-obsessed authorities force citizens to carry DNA cards, Daniel meets the feisty and beautiful Eleanor.  However, by falling for her, Daniel is putting her in terrible danger.

Daniel pursues the truth about his origins but is hunted by an agent sent by Dryden to bring him home. Can Daniel find out the truth about his origins whilst evading those who think they own him?  As his enemies close in, Daniel must draw on resources he didn’t know he had to win his freedom – but in doing so he may be walking into a deadly trap…

The novel is a strong narrative and through-story.  It covers relevant topics such as discovering identity, standing up to bullies and never giving in. It’s universal appeal will inspire many readers.  If you would like to get your copy, simply click on the image of the book!

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