The Art of Sales Management eBook series

The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the FlyOne of our most successful selling eBooks on Kindle is ‘The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly‘.  It was a non-fiction release in February of 2013, and has been downloaded in all countries where Amazon has a marketplace, including England, Italy, France, Brazil and Canada.

It was followed up with another installment in the series the following month, which also has been doing quite well.  The second eBook in the series is entitled: ‘The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker’ and covers the ins and outs of goal making as a sales manager.

Both eBooks take a hands-on approach to the people side of sales management, and reviewers have commented that the books are quite spiritual in nature in their unique approach to managing others. Our featured article on these two books this month is the share what some have been saying about their experiences reading these two books.

The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal MakerOne reviewer wrote about ‘The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly’ the following: “This book is literally a treasure of great ideas, and inspiration. Some of the chapters especially: ‘Forever Tomorrow’ and ‘Life in moments’ really touched my heart. I loved reading this and enjoyed it above and beyond other books I have read on this subject. It is well thought out, easy to read, and very applicable to daily situations. I highly recommend all managers get a copy and read it. If you have ever been in sales, you will find inspiration within its pages that you may not have heard anywhere else.”

Another wrote: “This book has caused me to take an exterior view of my business and have new tools and ideas to expand it. I really like how Michael has taken personal experience and put it on the page to share with and enlighten others.”

A reviewer wrote about ‘The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker‘ the following: “This book took up the subject of `goals’ and `goal making’ from many angles. I never realized my role as a `goal maker’ as a sales manager, but this book helped me to understand how it fit into my job.  Every chapter was interesting, and offered exciting information and insight as I progressed through it. It has changed in me the way I look at people who are under me at work, and enabled me to help them achieve their individual goals.

I started applying this information right away from his first book and this one with my team, and it changed the whole spirit of how they carried on with their daily actions. I would recommend this book to any serious sales manager. So many other books on this subject lay the blame on hiring, or the skill of the salesperson themselves, rather than address how to make them into sales people. Now I have changed my whole focus on how I hire people, because I know that it is up to me to inspire them, encourage them and really be the group’s goal maker. This book was a wealth of information anyone can use who manages others.”

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