‘The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker’ Now Available in Print

New Print Edition in Sales Management Series

The second in the Art of Sales Management series entitled ‘The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker is now available in print.  This book is about sales and sales management, and how it is driven by a goal maker. It is about the understanding of goals, and how to inspire others to achieve their individual goals, as well as the group goals that you set.

The Art of Sales Management

The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal MakerHere is what people are saying about this book: “Wow! This book was more than I expected! It was a great follow up to his first book `The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly’, but this one takes on the more narrow subject of `goals’ for a sales manager. I discovered while reading this book that I really needed this! I was having trouble with people I was training and getting them inspired, and thought it was all in my failures in hiring them as personnel. What I came to realize in reading this book, was that it was having the skill to sort a salesperson out on their individual goals which was the skill I was lacking! This book took up the subject of `goals’ and `goal making’ from many angles. I never realized my role as a `goal maker’ as a sales manager, but this book helped me to understand how it fit into my job.” – A.H. 

“I was looking for some insight into inspiring some sales people that I worked with, and I found so much more. The book goes into the importance of a sales manager as a ‘goal maker’ and just what that is. This book has also helped me better understand what is going on with a salesperson when they get stuck and do not seem to be doing well. The chapter on ‘Happiness & Goals’ I found incredibly useful, and it was worth the whole book. An easy read, and the author does a good job with attacking the subject of goals from many directions. I would recommend it to anyone who is managing people.” – T. J. 

The Art of Sales Management: Revelations of a Goal Maker, Print Edition

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