The Growing Popularity of eBooks

ebooks and reading are on the rise

eBooks popularity is on the rise.  More readers, more eBooks.  The bright future of digital ink.

In a December 2012 article by the Washington Post entitled: Readers Gravitating to eBooks, it detailed the rise in popularity of tablets as causing a surge in eBook readership.    According to this article, 1 out of 4 eBooks read now are on a tablet of some sort, driven largely by Apple.  It is clear that reading habits in the world at large are changing and evolving, and that eBooks which may have at one time been dismissed as a fad are now becoming the preferred form of reading as the technology age is upon us.

Even in popular TV shows featuring a future setting we see eBooks depicted.  Shows likeeBook are growing in popularity ‘Star Trek’ and even ‘Terra Nova’ among many others show characters reading books on electronic devices.  So one could say that the writers of Hollywood are writing the future of reading for society, or perhaps it has been the prediction of science fiction writers for a long time?

When Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007, the name was chosen by branding consultant Michael Cronan and Karin Hibma because it implied the starting of a fire.  The new concept was amply named, as it has grown to become an international sensation in just 5 years.  Now 23% of Americans alone read eBook on some form of device, be it Kindle, Nook or some other reader or tablet device.

The popularity has become so large that in August 2012, Amazon announced that it was now selling 114 eBooks for every 100 print books on its website.  The implications of this are enormous.  Reading has also become popular again with newer generations.  The younger generation appears to be moving away from print books, and towards eBooks.  In 2012 a survey was conducted by the Pew & Internet Life Project that shows that there has been a fall in the reading of print books in the age group of 16 year old’s from 72% to 67% in the last year alone, yet a 7% rise in the reading of eBooks in the same age category.

So the future of eBook reading looks quite bright, and the digital age of publishing is on the rise.  If you love eBooks, you are not alone!  If you have not jumped into reading eBooks, what are you waiting for?  If you have ever thought about publishing your own eBook, we can help you.  For more information on our rates & services, click here.

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