Understanding Life More Deeply – July eBook Review

Our monthly review for July 2013 is ‘Understanding Life More Deeply‘ which is a book for everyone published by an unnamed author.  Everywhere, who seeks to understand life more deeply should consider this for their summer reading. Deceptively simple in style, this book is unique in its approach: It speaks of life and existence in a fundamental way. Free of cultural bias, and referring to no specific historical events, it is as though it were written for all times and places—yet there is nothing in it that cannot be applied in one’s own life today.

Understanding Life More DeeplyHaving reviewed the eBook this month, it seems that this book is deserving of a wider audience due to its simple and spiritual message.   Opening with the insightful lines “You live. You exist. In these very moments, you are immediately living some of your life. As you live in these moments, and in any moments, so will it always have been.

The book builds upon its subject matter step by step unfolding a larger picture the the reader as it progresses.  One begins the book with mild reflection or interest, and finds themselves having journeyed down a spiritual path unexpectedly.  The book expands further into the depths of understanding the brotherhood of man when it reads “We are all brothers and sisters, kinsmen of life.” It explores the meaning of existence at a simple and enjoyable and thought provoking level.  A perfect read for a summer day! Available on Amazon for the simple price of $2.99 currently.


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