‘1378 Oak Street’ by Lovely Whitmore: February’s Featured eBook Review

Children’s Imagination & Adventure Soars in February’s eBook Review

eBook Review 1378 Oak StreetOur first eBook review for February 2013 is a novelette selection in the children’s book genre.  The story is called: 1378 Oak Street, and is written by author Lovely Whitmore.  The story unfolds in Atlanta, Georgia during the mid-1980’s and reads more like a memoir, from a child’s point of view.

The book is pure magic from its opening line: “Children don’t know how to play no more”.  As a reader, the story captured me from page one.  The children in the story are real, creative and alive with adventure.

Whitmore’s style of writing rolls along as smooth as Harper Lee and sparkles with the imagination one might find in reading J. M. Barrie.  As a reader I felt the connection with the children, and their neighborhood as with the first time I read To Kill a Mocking Bird, along with the imagination one might find within the pages of Peter Pan.

This story is about the joy of childhood, and growing up on long summer days.  Whitmore is a true talent.  You will enjoy the anecdotes of mud pies, snake bites, earth worms, inspirational gospel and the sharing of bicycles as the pages unfold like gossamer fabric memories of your own childhood days, as you step into the shoes of little ones again.

In placing my thoughts together on this novelette, while I was writing this eBook review, I found it difficult to find anything I did not like about the story.  Perhaps its only shortcoming is that it is a novelette, and as a reader, I wanted more.  The tale rolls along so beautifully, and you feel you are right there with the children as they play their games, engage in their mischief and make their discoveries about life.  This is a story about childhood and your heart will glow as you taste its magic like ice cream on a hot summer day.  It is a journey back for us all to a simpler time and place, and the author takes you there effortlessly.

Lovely Whitmore is a graduate of Central Texas College and Western GovernorsLovely Whitmore University.  She is the author seven books: ‘Journals of a Wannabe Basketball Player’, ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’, ‘The Secret’, ‘Dear Dad, I Hate You’, ‘Dear Son, Forgive Him’, ‘1 Dollar Get Rich or At Least Try Book’ and ‘1378 Oak Street’ all available on Amazon.

Lovely lives in Louisiana with her three children, and with all hopes continues to write wonderful stories like this one featured in this month’s eBook Review.  She invites fans to contact and interact with her on her Facebook fan page.  You can download this month’s featured eBook Review Novelette: 1378 Oak Street on Amazon and read your copy today!

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  1. Congratulations to you, Lovely on a wonderful review. Just going to download your story now. Thanks.

  2. Congrats Lovely with the great review and all your hard work you have done with all your writing.

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