Will You Be Offering Free eBooks for Kindle Soon to Readers?

Free eBooks for Kindle

Do you intend to offer free eBooks for Kindle as part of your eBook promotion?

If you are going to offer free eBooks for Kindle as part of the KDP Select promotion program days, we would like to hear about it.  We enjoy helping other indie authors, as it is good Karma for us too!  Free eBooks for Kindle are exciting! We will accept submissions for eBooks that are being made available for free only on Amazon as part of the KDP Select program.  You will need to indicated the date range, and number of days on the form below.

Free eBooks for KindleWe will look at your book in advance, and decide whether we want to feature it on our blog articles that feature free eBooks for Kindle on given days.  We will not provide a review in this program, so you will need to provide a description.  If you would like to enter your book also into our monthly review contest, please click here.

We will not feature books in the erotica genre or anything with graphic violence.  We reserve the right to not promote your book, and we will not be required to offer an explanation as this is a free service.

If we are going to feature your free eBook(s) for Kindle our blog, we will contact you by return email notifying you and asking you to provide a JPEG image of the cover to include on our blog within 24 hours.  If you do not, we will simply provide a link to Amazon with the name of the book on the article we post.  The article promoting free eBooks for Kindle will be posted on the day it is available for free on Amazon.

Note: If we find out your book is not listed for free on those days, you or any other books you submit in the future may be disqualified at our discretion.  So please be sure your dates are accurate.

We also request that you submit your free eBooks for Kindle at least 7 days in advance for us to be able to get back with you and include it in the posting.  Shorter time frames are sometimes accepted, but we cannot guarantee your book will make the list.

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