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Want to have more fun and success in the role of sales management?

Special announcement!  We are offering the new book ‘The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly’ entirely for free Saturday 2/23/13 through Monday 2/25/13 on Amazon.  If you are a Kindle eBook reader, take advantage of this great offer!  The book is fun, and takes an exciting look at the lessons learned by a Sales Manager.

The Art of Sales ManagementThe book covers insight into how to hold effective sales meetings, create bonus and reward systems for sales people.  It also addresses how to train new salespeople, and get them to step out of their comfort zone.  It covers important information on staying organized, creating efficient salespeople, and solving problems.

Learn great ideas on how to build a successful team of sales people who can take on any type of customer.  Discover new ideas on how to motivate a sales force to play games, week after week.  Sales Management is a challenging role to be a part of, and this book seeks to make warm and pleasant experience.   Even if you are thrust into the job of sales management without feeling prepared, this book will give you a road map to succeed.

Sales management is a subject that often gets buried by other books on sales training, closing techniques, and presentations.  However, ‘Sales Management’ is an art form all in itself, and this book seeks to tap into that subject.  It will benefit new sales managers and seasoned ones alike with its inspiring approach to managing others.  It makes the job of sales management less stressful, and more fun, as it was meant to be played.

This eBook is available for free on Amazon today February 23rd through February 25th as part of our independent publishing promotion.  Enjoy the book, and please share the information in this blog with others!  Just click on the book cover to go to Amazon now and get your copy today!

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