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Thank you for responding to my posting on my offer to give you a free copy of my newest eBook.  Here are the terms I would like to propose to you as an agreement between friends to get your copy.

Please Read The Following:

1) I am giving you a free copy of my book which you can install on your Kindle device or reader.  You may keep your copy for free.  Please do not distribute it to others, but you may refer them to this link if they would like to get a free copy for themselves.  Cool?

2) I am giving you this because I would like you to read the book, and in exchange I am asking you to post a positive and constructive review on Amazon to share with others about my book.  Not all books are perfect, I understand, but please do me the kindness of not posting a negative review if you feel the book is not to your liking.  Simply do not post a review at all, and email me to let me know what you did not like about it.  I will understand, and I may even make revisions if I agree with you.  See the next paragraph for more on this.

3) If in the course of reading my book, you discover a mistake such as typographical errors,  a sentence or paragraph not worded clearly, etc.  Please do not mention this in your review, but instead send me an email citing the chapter and paragraph that you noticed and located the error, and I will correct it.  The beauty of Kindle publishing is that I can correct an eBook at no cost, and upload a new version to Amazon with the corrections made within 24 hours.  That way new customers are sold a corrected copy.  If you are kind enough to do this, I will credit you on my blog and possibly in my next published book and include you in my fan club to receive my next published book for free. I will even send you a free corrected copy when it is all done, if you would like.  How does that sound?

4) Finally, in consideration, please understand I am a new author and I am trying to break into a new career.  Encouragement is appreciated, as well as constructive suggestions and critiques for improvement.  I appreciate feedback, and I do not consider that everything I have written is perfect.  I also am a firm believer in Karma, and the Golden Rule, and I would ask that you follow that as well.

If you agree to the above terms, please fill out the contact form below and do the following:

A) Type in the subject line: AGREED – GIVE ME THE BOOKmouse sm

B) Write me a short note as to why you would like to review my book, and if you know me, send me a personal note so I will know who you are.  (This is to also help me sort out spammers and crooks who would like to steal my book for re-sale).

Final Notes: If you do not complete A & B, I will not send you the book.  Even if you do, it is not guaranteed that I will send you a copy.  I reserve the right to send free copies solely at my discretion, because after all, it is my published work (and I alone decide who gets a free copy).

Also, you are probably wondering how you will get my email?  When I send you the eBook mobi file through email, you will have it.  If you know any of my other email addresses, I will ask you to please use the one I send you the file with as the email to respond to only.  It helps me to stay organized that way.

If you have any trouble uploading it, please let me know.  In my email to you I will also include the link directly to Amazon where you can post your review when you are done. (You will need to set up a login and password with Amazon if you do not already have one – takes about 2 minutes)  Finally, my books are only available in Kindle format at this time. (However with a kind note, I might be persuaded to send you one in Nook format for limited use.)

Thanks in advance! ~Michael

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