New eBook! Land Contract Homes for Investors

Have you ever considered investing in Land Contract Homes?

The second book in the Land Contract series entitled ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors‘ addresses the subject of Land Contracts from an investors perspective.

Land Contract Homes for InvestorsLand Contract Homes for Investors was written to help fill the gap of missing knowledge out there for investors seeking new ways to survive in real estate during the current times of high foreclosures, and challenging financing terms offered by conventional lending.  Seller financing by means of a Land Contract or ‘Contract for Deed‘ as it is sometimes called offers a great return on investment that at present is even superior to most people’s 401K stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

The book entitled: Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream was written to educate both buyers and sellers in the process.  This second book however, is to educate the investor into the advantages and how to survive successfully in using seller financing to build their investment portfolio.  It also addresses issues that were not relevant in the first book, such as capital gains, means to defer capital gains and what exactly are the best ways to market a Land Contract home to find the right buyer.

Land Contract Homes for Investors is a new viewpoint on the subject, and it is entirely that of the investors viewpoint. It is about not only profit, but also purpose. You will find insight in the book about how to succeed, as well as what to avoid in this type of investment activity.

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