New Projects on the Horizon

As an author, I have been working on several projects in 2013.  I have for four years had a series of separate blogs, mostly about Real Estate, which I have established at a local level. With the December release of my first two books in Real Estate on Land Contract Homes, I have begun working on a new book drawn from my years as a sales manager.

Future HorizonThis first book on Sales Management will be entitled: The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly.  The book is nearly complete, and is in its final editing stages.  I also have plans to have it partially illustrated, and therefore this has added some time to the final release date.  I intend to have this book available for release by the end of February, and will likely follow up with other books on the subject, perhaps expanding it into a series.  I have a new blog website in development for this called: The Art of Sales Management.

I also have plans for a few new books on real estate, including one on buying a home, and perhaps a more localized book on Land Contracts in Michigan.  In addition to these and other projects, I am also working on some books on marketing from my years in Georgia, where I had written two separate books that I never published.  I intend to release those this year as Kindle eBooks to bring this material to publication.

Currently I am also working on establishing new blogs, and have a few of those under development that I will be discussing in future blog posts here.  These will all be connected to ‘If, And or But’ Publishing covering various topics.  I have two right now that I would like to share with you as a reader that are not complete, but will be soon if you want to check out the links.  The first is called: ‘Scary Elephant‘ and the other is called ‘Mad & Confused‘.  Both are somewhat whimsical, and intended to serve as review sites for children’s books and movies.

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