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At ‘If, And or But’ Publishing, we appreciate indie authors.  Each month, starting in MarchSubmit your eBook! of 2013, we will be reviewing an eBook from an independent author.  We review books in most genres, but we do not review books in erotica, technical manuals or anything with graphic violence.

Genres we prefer are listed below in the form provided.  However, we are especially fond of children’s books, so we often grant those eBooks extra special consideration with a ‘Children’s book feature‘ above and beyond our monthly feature, if we really dig them!

We also will be trying to feature different genres every month, so if your eBook is not selected, please do not re-submit the same eBook for six months.  We keep prior entrants on file, and will consider them for future month features (up to 6 months!) We may even notify you later with which month your eBook has been chosen for review.  However, if you have other titles, we will gladly consider them.

Although we intend to feature at least one eBook a month, if your book really excites us we may decide to contact you to review it.  So do not be concerned if we have already featured one for the month, submit it anyway.  We may choose to review it immediately, particularly if it is a different genre from one we have reviewed already and your book peaks our interest.  We are not limited to just one featured review a month.  It has more to do with the time it takes to read your book, and prepare a written review, etc.

If your book is chosen, we will notify you by return email.  You will be required to either email a copy (mobi or PDF file) or tell us what days it is available for free download on Amazon in the KDP Select program.  (Sorry we will not be purchasing books for the purpose of review!)  If you eBook cannot be made available for free within the next 7 days, please do not submit it.

Also, we prefer to support independent authors, so don’t be shy about sharing your book.  We will consider and even review books by mainstream publishers, but will give first consideration to entrants from indies. (Sorry, our policy!)  Currently we only review one eBook a month, but reserve the right to feature more than one if we really can’t decide!

Deadline for submission are the following: All eBooks submitted by the last day of the month will be in the pool for the following month review.  We will go through all entrants between the 1st and 7th of the month, and notify the winner during that time.  If your book is selected, we will notify you and ask you to send us a JPEG image of the cover, and one of yourself (optional) to include in the review.  All our reviews are between 300 – 800 words long.  The review will be written and posted between the 15th and 25th of the month.  Once the main review is posted, we will also post a review for you on Amazon (4 or 5 Star Guaranteed because you were our winner!)

If you are interested, please fill out the form below (* = Required):

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