The Most Wonderful Thing About eBooks


What is so wonderful about eBooks?

eBooks can be changed without any problems!

The most wonderful thing about eBooks as a writer is that if you find you made a typographical error after publishing, you can fix it seamlessly on Amazon.  It is also great if you come across new information you want to include in your book, and decide to add a new chapter or resources page, etc.  You can just update the book with the new material, and reload it to Amazon without having to take your prior version down.  Amazon allows for reloading the book anytime you want, and the changes are made seamlessly.  you never lose your books ranking, reviews or likes, etc.  Everything on the surface remains the same.

cartoon_dragonWhen you have the corrected file ready, you just click on your eBook on your KDP bookshelf and go to the section that allows you to upload the file.  Simply click on upload, and wait for it to do its thing, then click on the subsequent buttons for publishing.  Nothing changes to the original until the new ebook is reviewed and published, and your buyers never know the difference.  What is great about this is that you can update it as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th addition if you want (just make notes if you choose when in the KDP info on your book) and note the edition changes in your ebooks.  You can also change the marketing description of the ebook, key words, and any other details as you wish.

This past Sunday I went tediously through a few of my books, and corrected typos, added some graphics, added new clarifying paragraphs, new links and other things I had forgotten to include, etc.  It takes about 8-12 hours to reload the new version and make it live on Amazon.  I have decided to make this a regular practice with my eBooks to always improve the original as I find new material, etc.  Plus it is also nice to re-visit your eBooks in a new unit of time, and look at it fresh.  You amaze yourself with things you forgot to add and find things you overlooked.  These changes with eBook publishing never become the dragon that eats you up!  Isn’t this wonderful?


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