Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream

This eBook was published on the 23rd of December, 2012.  It is entitled:Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream.  It is an eBook format through Smashwords.  It is available in Nook, iBooks, Kindle and a variety of other formats through Smashwords.

Cover Art Final - mediumLand Contracts have been a continuous topic of interest for new home buyers since I have been in real estate.  I encounter so many new prospective buyers who begin with their first question to a Realtor “Do you have any homes on Land Contract?” which is usually a signal to me that they have little understanding of the subject other than they heard it was a good deal easier than going through a conventional loan process.  Also they have taken a bite of the Urban Legends surrounding Land Contracts that they are just like renting, and you move in and start making payments with little or no money down.  Although I will admit that some people to offer these terms, they usually do not last very long as homeowners if they accept a home with a shoe strong budget, and no additional resources available to them for repairs and upgrades to a home.

In any case, this book seeks to educate prospective buyers and sellers alike in to the function and use of Land Contracts as a form of seller financing.  It also discusses some of the issues that both buyer and seller need to be cautious of when engaging in such an agreement.  However, the book is about inspiring people to pursue the American Dream as well, so it is more than just a common ‘how-to’ book.  I hope you will take the time to purchase my eBook, and read it and let me know what you think.

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